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MPI works with local homeowners and tree companies around the Pittsburgh area to source and salvage locally grown trees that are coming down for safety concerns, site development, and storm damage. Matt from MPI mills these logs into 2”-3” thick slabs to ensure as close to a flattened 2” thick piece after the drying process. These slabs are left to air dry for 1-3 years to bring the moisture content from 50-70% down to under 20%. Once air-dried they are professionally kiln dried with a specific temperature control curve to ensure the wood heats up all the way into the core. Once heated up and the moisture removal slows down the temperature is spiked to cause the core of the wood to jump to 150-160 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure all of the possible bugs are sanitized (killed). Once dry the slabs are brought back to a temperature-controlled shop to be sold in the rough or flattened. CNC flattening and wide belt sanding is available in house on pieces up to 6’ long x 36” Wide. Contact MPI for a quote to flatten any pieces larger than these dimensions.