MPI Woodworking


MPI Woodworking specializes in making unique

furniture pieces from locally sourced hardwood and

selling kiln-dried live edge slabs. 


In early 2018, we acquired a handful of hardwood logs from the historic Highland Country Club. We hand milled these Cherry, Maple, and Poplar logs which ranged from 7' to 14' long and 18" to 46" in diameter. Check the Lumber tab for more info and pictures.

We were so excited for this chance to design a piece that combined metal and wood organically. We found a beautiful live edge slab of Black Walnut sourced just north of Pittsburgh, in Gibsonia, PA. A friend in fabrication created these custom metal legs for this exact project. The large void was filled with an epoxy resin tinted with a metallic pigment in order to pay homage to the industrial era. Finally, it was painstakingly sanded, finished, and attached to the base. The grain from this wood helped to support how one-of-a-kind this coffee table truly is. This was sold to a lovely couple in Chautauqua, New York.

Urban Salvaged Pin Oak from Perrysville, PA.

Walnut Coffee Table with Quilted Maple Bow Tie

This 5'x5' poker table is the project that started it all, kickstarting MPI Woodworking. This table was created as a final project in Matt's Technical Theatre course freshman year at the University of Pittsburgh. The table is constructed of hickory hardwood flooring, walnut, and plywood with the goal of giving his dad the best Christmas present ever. (Matt also got an A, in case you were wondering.)

Matt's Dad, Est. 1956

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